go big or go om


now is the right time


Your yoga

Experience a joyful, personal practise for strength, peace and enlightening up. A regular yoga practise will improve your health and physical fitness, your relationships, and your mood. My clients have completely transformed their bodies, dream and love lives, and developed  generous and grateful outlooks in life.



The best gift you can ever give yourself is time to unwind, unplug, and focus on your yoga practise. Retreats are a time to reconnect with yourself, deepen your practice and understanding in yoga, meet amazing new yoginis and/ or spend time with old friends, and recharge for your daily life. My retreat locations have included exotic beaches, eco-resorts, and renovated farmhouses. We cook together, meditate, laugh, sweat and rejuvenate. 


Teach yourself

YTT 200 Autumn 2017. Watch this space...

Currently accepting application for apprentices

My program includes


  • personalised instruction and assignments
  • lesson planning and theming instruction 
  • feedback on teaching style and delivery
  • in class private adjustments
  • inclusion in group workshops on sequencing, assistance and modifying for multi level groups
  • one on one coaching sessions based on your questions
  • love, encouragement and support