BREATHE! A pranayama playshop, APRIL 23

I am happy to be hosting a series of workshops in Schokosport Kreuzberg, a historic place for women's fitness and movement in Kreuzberg. On April 23 the focus will be on the breath, as we flow through another creative sequence of poses. There are so many different breathing techniques and practices, I am excited to teach a flow that mirrors and emphasises them. We will practise veloma, nadi shosana, and, of course, ujjaii as we move and explore how controlling our breath leads us directly to calmer, expansive thinking and being.

As always 15 Euros for familiar faces! and 20 for new students. Two hours with amazing music, the sweet song of your breath, and massage.

SchokoSport Kreuzberg, Marianenstrasse 7, Hinterhaus fourth floor, and we can get a group discount to go to the women's harman afterwards if desired!

Mary Beth Volker