Our own playful haven.

Schmetterling Shala is a yoga playroom overlooking the vibrant Schillerkiez. With space for only 5-8 mats, each group practise is a one-of-a-kind, intimate experience. Each private session is an expansive luxurious personal-adventure where I can answer all your questions, tailor each practise to meet your personal goals, challenge you mentally, spiritually and/or physically. All sessions end with intense relaxation. Laughter is also always guaranteed. This is a place for exploration and transformation.


Each And Every Asana Practise includes

  • creative choreography
  • poses to increase flexibility
  • poses for pain relief 
  • attention to alignment
  • Philosophy lesson
  • Cardio-Vascular components
  • core strengthening
  • pranayama practise
  • mudra
  • strength training
  • endurance exercises 
  • moments of silence
  • killer soundtracks
  • hands-on assistance
  • savasana massage
  • guided relaxation or meditation
  • mantra
  • laughing and smiling