Its time to be happy and free


Mary Beth Volker is a Vinyasa Yoga teacher with a passion for athletic movement balanced with healing therapy. She believes everyone everywhere can learn to make herself happy and  free, and is delighted to share all the techniques she has learned. Her classes get you thinking, laughing, and growing. Students have completely transformed their bodies and outlooks on life when working with her long term, due to her commitment to the yoga practise and philosophies, and her ability to tailor practises to meet each student wherever she is on her path. Although she is very serious about yoga she doesn’t take herself too seriously, so you can expect lighthearted, accessible language and jokes throughout the sessions.

Her main teacher is Anna Laurita of davannayoga in Mexico, who turned on the light! and taught her the power of personal liberation promised by the practise of yoga as a spiritual path.

Over the years she has also studied with many internationally acclaimed teachers such as Sharon Gannon, Duncan Wong, Kino MacGregor, Kathryn Budig, Amy Ippoliti, Yogi Dinesh, AJ and Vinay Kumar of Mysore, and many many gifted and more modest teachers the entire world over.


She is certified with the Yoga Alliance for 500 Hours in the Vinyasa Yoga style, and has also done countless hours of yoga study and practise  in India: 2 months practising Ashtanga in Mysore; she lived in Ashram in Kerala, as well as embarking on a pilgrimage to Rishikesh, the birthplace of yoga, in the Himalayas. Meditation retreats are a yearly part of her practise, including regularly sitting Vipassana. 

She has been practising sun salutations daily for 18 years, and in the last eight years her practise has deepened and widened to include pranayama, full daily asana practises, mantra, mudras and more. Her love and devotion to this practise fills every session with power and passion.