Liberation :Yoga for Peace and  Joy

February 23-25 2018

Here is some time for yourself. A weekend away from deadlines and duties to look within, and listen to the sweet sounds of silence and the music of your own soul. To cultivate the peace that naturally arises from relaxation and to delight in the joy of your yoga practise.


A polish village

Lets go to Gryżyna

A calm village across the Polish border awaits us to be our next omawayfromhome. Quiet, calm and comforting countryside surrounds the house we will share, and the yoga space has huge glass windows so we can appreciate the landscape while we practise.



Yoga for Liberation

As always, the weekend will include four yoga sessions. The Friday evening session will end with a long mediation, relaxation, and massage with essential oil. Saturday morning will greet us with an energetic practise, and Sunday afternoon will give me a chance to give some tutorials on the poses you request. Sunday morning we will incorporate the work and growth from the entire weekend into a final liberating flow


Treat Yourself

The weekend provides plenty of time for self reflection and self care. There is a sauna on site and a lake and forest to explore. Everyone will bring her favourite foods and drinks for luxurious brunches and snacks, and on Friday night you will enjoy a catered dinner.


Gratitude weekend 2017

November 24-26, enjoy three days and two nights in an idyllic yoga retreat

4 creative, philosophical and hilarious vinyasa yoga sessions

hands on assistance and massage

autumn feast/community cooking class with traditional North American delicacies

time for quiet reflection


lake walks

delicious superfood brunch

special savasana with sound healing by Jenine Yoga


Amazing LOcation, Amazing Price

Our Home-away-to-om is a lovely lakeside house just an hour or so from Berlin. The place includes several sweet bedrooms, a large kitchen, an amazing community room with fireplace, and a cosy sauna. 

215 for repeat om-mies, includes accomodation, all yoga and massage,  the welcome dinner and one brunch. Price is Only 265 euro if its your first retreat.



Stay calm and stay strong


Take time out from the busy city life to turn off the phone and tune into new friendships and reconnect with old friends.

On the first evening of the retreat there will be a gentle flow so we can get to know each other, then I will cook an awesome meal for us to share. 

Saturday morning will start with a powerful practise, followed by a long brunch, then free time to walk, read, sauna, etc. We will meet again in the evening for another yoga session created around your requests, and spend the evening cooking and sharing eachothers company. 

Sunday we repeat: sweaty yoga in the shala and a long luxurious meal by the fire.


Tutorials and HAnds-on Assistance

A retreat is an amazing opportunity to deepen your asana practise. I will create the Saturday afternoon session around your requests, and there will be lots of time to ask questions, practise your favourite postures and try new shapes.


Now is the right time!

re-connect with yourself, celebrate abundance in community, and start your Christmas season with strength and peace.