Terms & Policies



All group classes are drop-in, 10/Euro/session, call to reserve your mat: 01578 8533920

Rates for Private sessions start at 50/euro/hour


cancellations with less than 24 hour notice are subject to pay full price


Pre-payment and online check in possible via paypal, cash accepted onsite for group classes


Kitchen, small changing room, and shower available if needed


Check with you doctor before starting any fitness program. Yoga can be therapeutic in injury rehabilitation and the teacher will offer appropriate exercises and modifications whenever possible. Please notify the teacher of any medical concerns before the start of each session, respect your body, and take responsibility for your practise and health. Schmetterliqng Shala and Marybeth Volker are not responsible nor liable for student's bodies.

Each client will receive a copy of this form and be asked to complete it prior to practise!

"I wave, indemnify, exonerate, hold harmless Yoga instructor Mary Beth Volker for any claims, demands and causes of action ( including attorney's fees) arising out of any negligent act or act of omission or my participation in this exercise program or breach of duty related to this exercises program. I do hereby assume all risk and hazards in volunteering my participation in this exercise program. I have received approval from my doctor that I am capable of physical exercise such as those provided by Mary Beth Volker at Schmetterling Shala, or I will seek such approval, or I will assume the risk of exercising without a doctor's exam."