My cohort from my last 500 Hour Advanced teacher training. Thats my guru in the middle. Thats me hanging out down front. I have over 1000 hours documented training, ten years experience teaching, and 18 years on the mat.I have something to say on this subject of yoga pedagogy. Understatement.

Have you finished your first 200 hours but find yourself inspired to learn more? 

Are you struggling with sequencing or adapting you classes for multi levelled students?

Have you managed to connect with a core group of students to fill your classes and retreats?

Are you confident in offering philosophy lessons?

Are your assists awesome?



These are the areas that challenge young teachers the most. A  three week tropical yoga vacation and a souvenir from the yoga alliance are just the beginning of the lifelong practise that is teaching yoga, and it is common to need more support. To truly help you serve your students better I will create a personalised program for you to expand your knowledge and improve in the areas where you feel insecure. 

Apprentices will receive emotional support, training in anatomy, hands on assistance, sequencing, marketing, tools to build connection and foster student retention, and one on one feedback on their delivery and presence in the classroom. I will aid you in finding your own voice and style so you can be authentically yourself and develop a personal, powerful approach to sharing the teachings of yoga.

Included are access to all open group classes, one private session a week, lesson planning sessions and review, and group workshops on yoga history, theming classes, hands on assistance and creative sequencing. 

Please get in touch for your application.


01578 8533920 sliding scale and trade available


         COMING FALL 2018

                     YTT 200