Advanced Asana

Mondays  @ 730pm• 90 MINUTES

SchmetterlingShala, Hermannstrasse 198, 4og

Athletic, philosophical Vinyasa Yoga sessions, limited to 6 students. These classes will challenge you physically with creative choreography and mentally with a new theme to consider weekly.Each class includes strengthening and flexibility exercises, arm balances, strong standing sequences, inversions and backbends. Plus laughing. We also practise pranayama and introspection. Every session ends with a long sweet relaxation and neck massage. 


Workplace Yoga 

Team sessions in your office space for inspiration, stress relief, and back and wrist care. People who practise yoga regularly experience less illness and burn out: preventative health care is the best investment you can make in your team! Practising yoga together also fosters an office wide sense of compassion and connection. I have been teaching in start-ups and corporate settings for the past few years and so can easily modify all sessions to the varying fitness levels of the staff. I will happily connect you with references. 



Thursdays 7-730, AshtangaYogaShala

Dieffenbachstrasse 36, 2HH, 1og

I provide small group and private instruction in a variety of pranayama techniques. Pranayama is breath control and the benefits are myriad: calmness, better concentration, improved circulation, better sleep. Techniques covered will include analuma viloma, kapalabhati, bhastrika, kumbhakas, bhramari and more. Sequences will be taught to address specific concerns and made more complex as the student progresses.


Gentle Flows

Thursdays @ 6pM •60 MIn


Dieffenbachstrasse 36, 2HH, 1og

Vinyasa flows suited to all levels. We will get a well rounded full body practise for liberation from pain and an introduction to yoga philosophy. There is always a mantra and mudra included to support the philosophical theme. Plenty of hands-on-assists are offered to ground you in safe alignment.

We will also do some giggling and leave feeling both energised and relaxed.


Home Sessions

Well, it doesn't get much better than this. I will come to your home, create special sequences to meet your yoga goals and cater to your personal needs. We can listen to your favourite music and you can ask me all the questions you've ever had about your practise. Plus we'll talk about life and explore the philosophy in the context of our current experiences. And then you get a 15 minute massage. Perfect, no?



Yoga Nidra

A practise of deep, guided relaxation, yoga nidra is known as yogic sleep. Its a practise designed to guide the practitioner though the outer Koshas (layers of the human experience) into our centre of Bliss. It is a wonderful practise to enhance creativity, encourage relaxation and set and achieve life goals and dreams.


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